Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun Home

This is my first time reading Fun Home and I must say, I am very impressed. The well written story turns fun home into a page turner. At first, I was put off by certain aspects, which later grew on me. The art style initially did not appeal to me. I felt that everything was a little to lifeless. However, through further reading I am beginning to get a sense that the lifelessness is intentional. Another thing I did not like is how she just blurts out key important things. With no preparation for it, she just blurts out "My girlfriend drove me home."  or "There's really no evidence my father killed himself. You do a double take at a line like that, and wonder if you missed something. At first this bugged me because I felt like I was missing something, but later on it began to appeal. Life is kind of like that, there isn't always preparation for things. Some times things just get blurted out like that. I can't wait to continue reading.


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