Wednesday, September 10, 2008

101 Ways to Cook Hamburger

So...this story kind of suddenly changes course on you. From where it starts, you get this feeling that Bernard Cooper likes Theresa. The way he describes her and takes interest in her seems almost as if he has a crush on her. And then suddenly, it surprises you when you find out he is gay. So at that point the story becomes him coming to terms with his sexuality. I have to say, for an initial twist, it got me hooked. However, the story quickly lost me. Its initial premise intrigued me, but then it just wanders for a while aimlessly, up until the end where it makes the point and he comes to terms with it. This story could have been three pages, not eleven. I liked the premise, but by the end I found myself more eager for it to end, then to find out where it was going.


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